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    The problem with PR today is that its really easy to get distracted by peddlers of “Digital PR” and “Digital Marketing” or “Crypto PR” which is also known as buy this, buy that… but what they are selling are tactics... what you need is a strategy for communications that is going to shape your business and position your brand for years to come.


    A brand is a nest of perceptions. The way we perceive that brand is based on the messages we receive about the brand. Illka recognizes this and helps you to create a communications strategy that will amplify your brand messaging and reach all of your stakeholders in a straight-forward, targeted way, with unambiguous messaging.


    Wherever you are in the world, to determine the direction your business should take, and the messages it should deliver, it's worth engaging a professional that has seen more approaches across more industries than most people have.


    Illka Gobius has the depth and breadth of experience to walk you through an appropriate communications and public relations approach. To get a quote, click here.

  • Build a Communications Strategy

    From the complex, to the simple. 


    Whether you need a deck of slides, or a written communications strategy. You may even just need a a critical eye. Whatever your needs are, Illka can help you build a communications strategy that is future facing.


    Learn what your competitive brand positioning should be; what your communications opportunities and threats are and what key assets you already possess that you can capitalize on to amplify your business and position your brand.


    Illka helps organisations build their:

    • Brand statements
    • Stakeholder Communications Plan
    • Public Relations Strategies
    • Internal and External Communications Strategies
    • Project Strategies or Plans
    • Marketing Plans

    Develop your key messages

    Are you operating from a base without PR or Marketing? Or do your brand messages no longer reflect your current business?


    Illka can help you create messages that position your brand and business for today and your future needs, and show you how to deliver them to your key stakeholder groups.


    Whether its statements about your business, or crafting a key message house, Illka helps you identify what your proposition is, and helps you develop messages to carry across to all manner of communications tools.


    Examples of messaging documents that Illka can craft:

    • Key message house
    • Boilerplate
    • 100, 200 to 500 word descriptions
    • Corporate Profile
    • Fact Sheet
    • Practice Q&As

    Stakeholder Mapping & Reputation Management

    Who is shaping your business?

    Apart from your employees and customers, other stakeholders in your business could be associated with your financials to regulators, associations, or media that can directly or indirectly affect your business.


    Determining your stakeholders today is ever increasing in complexity. Illka can help you simplify and visualize your stakeholders, from building mind-maps to engaging your organisation with sophisticated interactive tools that let you deep dive into the profiles of, and the interpersonal relationships between, your stakeholders.

  • Illka Gobius

    Award-winning PR professional

    Illka Gobius draws on 30 years of experience practicing public relations, internal and external communications across brands, public entities, and events. Her professional experience has depth - she's worked with small and medium enterprises to Fortune 100 brands as well as government agencies. It also has breadth - Illka has worked in communications of science, technology, finance, travel/hospitality/tourism, nutrition, transport, education, the arts, energy, engineering and construction among other industries.


    Illka is an engaging Speaker and workshop trainer - she discusses the use of tech in communications, she's a woman that is very experienced in the world of both emerging and enterprise Tech, and your go to person for modern communication strategies.


    Illka is the Managing Director of Pinpoint PR Pte Ltd in Singapore, and is an accredited member of the Institute of Public Relations Singapore; the PRCA and a founding member of the Commonwealth Communicators Organisation. Check out her profile on LinkedIn.
  • Technology

    As an entrepreneur, I realise how valuable using technology is. While tech lends efficiency, ultimately it saves you expense, because human resource is your most expensive asset. Some of the technology I recommend includes:

    TSC applies AI and machine learning to help you monitor and assess risk. It also helps you to identify stakeholders, in an increasingly complex environment.


    An analytical tool that helps you determine your share of voice, presents a clear picture of your competitors communications activities, and helps you see exactly which media to engage and communicate with while monitoring the mentions of your business. 

    Telum Media

    A database of journalists in Asia-Pacific, Telum is helpful to directing you to exactly the right person to speak to about amplifying your brand messages.

  • “How do you know our business in such a short time?”


    “Illka is a brilliant writer”


    “It’s been an immense pleasure and privilege to have had the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with you... You will be remembered for your jovial good nature and positive, can-do lah attitude, and feisty opinions and views.”


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